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In a world broken by sorcery & liberated by machinery, you must struggle to survive after the fall.

But... whose side are you on?

Another One Down

June Update!

Two for two?

My hope to complete the Core Book by the close of 2018 is proceeding on schedule.  Yet it seems like there’s always something new to fix.  You know what they say right?  When you fix something, you often break something else.

I’m confident I’ll get everything done.  It’s just a matter of when :). 

I’ve started taking glances at the Setting. And I’m happy to say, again, that the changes are minimal.  Updating then Setting to match the Core & check for errors should be less than a month’s work in total.  Here’s to hope! 

More Teasers

So what else is coming down the pipe, you ask?

Well.  I’ve reworked a number of edges for each of the species and classes making them more useful & satisfying to use.  

Aura of the Elements & Arsenal of the Planes example, have become more effective as a whole.  Aura deals rollover damage.  Arsenal generates the effects of the elemental weapon relic.

A great many edges are being compressed to prevent players from having to take the same edge more than, typically, two times to obtain its full benefits.  

Edges like Heavy Handed & Toughened now require only being selected twice, rather than thrice.

More New Material

As far as brand new material,

One sort of totally new thing I’d like to briefly discuss is Modular Weapons.  These firearms and machine weapons will allow their user to adjust how they work, on the fly, in order to make use of them quickly (and/or with only one hand) or make them far more dangerous (but require possibly both hands & considerably more activation time).

Ill be treating more details as time goes on.  So keep an eye out :). 

Until Next Time

Thanks for being patient everyone.  I hope I can get Ether up and running in its entirety as soon as possible, but, again, I won’t sacrifice quality for speed.

The Second Edition of Ether is what I plan on using for the foreseeable future. 

And I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am :). 



Keep on Trucking

So they say... 

Update Time!

I’m happy to say that I’m nearing completion of the revisions to the Core book.

I’m equally happy to say that revisions to the Setting book will be minimal. 

I’m hopeful that the Bestiary book will require adjustments somewhere between the two. 

My goal is to have the Second Edition available by the end of 2018. 

I’m putting in several hours almost everyday going through my own list of adjustments, but also taking a list at YOUR recommendations.  And while I can’t guarantee that your suggestions will be implemented, I can say that I’m at least considering them. 

On that note; I’d like to thank everyone who’s offered their suggestions :). 

Teaser Material

You asked for it, so, might as well.  Right?

One of the most exciting changes is adding or adjusting various forms of racial healing.  Several of the Etherian species had no form of healing or their healing mode was rather weak.  So, I’ve made some adjustments.

One such adjustment includes adding a new edge for the Planars; Phylactery. 

The Phylactery edge will allow Planars to create an icon that will function not only as a mobile elemental shrine, but it will also afford them a slow regenerative process.

Another request I’ve had was to rebalance edges giving skills a bonus.  Many people said they found it odd that some skills could get a +5, while others could only get a +3.  So, I’ve reworked skill edges

One such adjustment includes adding a plethora of edges that add +5 to all non-combat skills; such as Gymnast & Skulker.

Gymnast will give an edge bonus to Acrobatics or Athletics. 

Skulker will give an edge bonus to Disguise or Stealth. 

Entirely New Material

As I’ve mentioned before, I have material lined up to add new items to the game.

Currently I’m planning on writing an appendix that will offer around 100 new items, ranging from new potions & potions to new firearms & mechanizations to new relics.

I’m not planning on increasing the number of spells at this time.

I’m also considering an appendix to cover additional variant rules, as I’ve a number just from my own experiences.  

And.  And.  And...  I’m putting together material for half-breeds & split-classes.

That’s All For Now

Thanks for reading, everyone.  Looking forward to having more to tell you soon. 

I’m going to start making it a habit to release a post with update information monthly from here on out. 

I’ve even slated a schedule :).



Where did the time go?

Wow, has it been a while since I posted and update. 

I am a terrible person. 

Well, better late than never I suppose?


I don’t have an exact one per se.  But, I am making progress on my goal for 2018. 

And that goal, as promised, is a major update to Ether RPG, in the form of a Second Edition. 

I’ve gone through the Core several times now and made corrections to grammar, spelling, and syntax, as well as updates to rules and mechanics.

So far, I believe I’m up to review number three.  And I will continue to review the Core and it’s supplements until ever error has been rooted out & every message sent to me from you guys has been reviewed.

My goal is to put Ether RPG in the best state it’s ever been and make it immediately available, by the end of 2018. 

Documenting Changes

I’ve been asked by a few parties if I plan on documenting the changes such that anyone who doesn’t wish to obtain new, physical copies can have rules updates and errata.

The short answer?  Yes. 

I am keeping track of the changes I’m making and I will be releasing a “Rules Errata” document for exactly this purpose.

Note, however, that this document will only hold rules changes, not corrections to grammar, syntax, and spelling. 

This document will be made available, for free, on the Ether RPG website. 

First Edition Buyers

As I’ve said, and will continue to say, 

Anyone who’s bought the electronic first edition of Ether RPG will receive updates PDFs at no expense.

I will never charge for updates to the electronic copy of Ether RPG.  Buy it once; buy it for life. 

Unfortunately, as I’ve also said, I cannot do the same for physical copies.  However, I believe that I will be able to offer a one-time % discount on the price of the books (excluding other fees and expenses) that you purchased.  I cannot guarantee what % this discount will be as of yet, but I am hoping I will be able to offer it at 50%.

This means that whatever physical books you purchased in First Edition, you will get some manner of a discount if you choose to buy the Second Edition.

Down the Pipe

So, what else is coming in the future for Ether RPG? 

Well.  You’ve seen some of the Free Material I’ve been posting to the New Things! section of the website.

I’m compiling lists of new material to be added to the various segments of Ether’s genres. 

Want new alchemical recipes? 

How about new firearms? 

And new tech gears & vehicles? 

Hope so.  Because as soon as I’m done with the major corrections to the three main books, that’s going to be my main project for the foreseeable future. 

And who knows where that might lead?  New monsters.  New species.  New classes. 

Stay Tuned!



Second Edition?

Allow me to begin by saying,

It was never my intention to create a Second Edition.


I have received many updates from various parties who’ve selflessly... dedicated may be too strong of a word... recorded mistakes large and small, and submitted them to me for review. 

The list is no greater than the errata & corrections of any other game system (and those of you’ve seen the errata documents of DnD 3.5 and Pathfinder, for example, know such lists can be extremely extensive).  

That being said, 

I’ve completed my first wrap of corrections on all three books. 


I will continue to do wraps of all three until I find no further mistakes & I have received no further updates from those who’ve done me the favor (thank you, by the way) of looking for these mistakes with their free time. 

Now, what does that mean for those who’ve already bought Ether Rpg? 


Those of you with electronic copies will receive free updates, of course.   I have no intention of billing people twice for the same material.

Those of you with physical copies... I’m afraid the best I can do is offer a discount.  And in this case, the discount will be large enough such that I’ll cover my costs.  I.e., my profit from the sale will be as close to $0.00 as I can manage.  This may mean a 25%, 33%, 50%, or 66% discount (on Second Edition books IF you already own First Edition books).  I can’t say what the discount will be as I simply don’t know at this time.  But there WILL be a discount.

Some have asked me WHY I would off such a discount.  Well, because I want to, plain and simple.  I don’t have to.  But I want to.  And to the best of my ability, I’m going to. 


Thats a good question.  And to be frank, I’m not sure.  It really depends on how quickly & accurately I can proofread 1000 pages. 

I certainly hope to be done first quarter, 2018.  But given my expectations in hindsight, second quarter 2018 seems more likely.

For now, 

Please stay tuned for more updates.  And keep your eyes out for our free updates & materials on our Resources & New Stuff pages.



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