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Electronic Files, Take Two?


So, apparently it was my settings in Dropbox. The system defaulted to "view," which is basically the same thing as you guys only ever having access to the file when you're connected to Dropbox online.

And that is not even slightly what I meant to occur. Therefore, I have invited every email address that I have recorded from Kickstarter, and beyond, to folders containing the non-high definition copies and the high definition copies.

The invitation will last for 24 hours, so please be sure to download yours ASAP.


Note, that you just need to copy your files. Please do not cut and paste.


If for some reason I missed you, please contact me. If for some reason you would like a different email address used for the invitation, please contact me.

I apologize for the confusion as a result of all this, but fortunately we got it sorted out and your electronic copies are waiting for you for download.



Clockwork Angel Studios

Reports of File Sharing Issues?

Hey there everybody!

I've had reports that people have been unable to download the HD files from Dropbox and/or they've been removed from the HD Dropbox folders & now no longer have access to said folders?

Is this the case for you?

If so, have no fear!  Let me know in the comments & if this turns out to be pervasive, I'll re-invite the lot for another wave of downloads!  After all, you paid for it, so I can't not give it to you ;)



Clockwork Angel Studios

Shipping & More!


As you guys probably know, already, all the books that have been ordered up onto this point have been sent to my printer & are either being processed or have been shipped!  I'll be checking my PO in a few days to see if any addresses bounced.

International orders appear to be going out pieces at a time & I believe all the Canadian orders have been printed & shipped.  I will be contacting my printer in a few days to check to see when I should expect the remainder of the international orders should be sent out.


This is definitely happening, as promised, for people who overpaid on shipping during the Kickstarter.

I have to wait for all the orders to be received before I do this, however, as I have to make certain the costs are correct & covered!

But fear not!  If you're due a refund on shipping, you WILL get it :).


I've had a handful of submissions from my domestic customers regarding a few errors in the books.

I'll start compiling these errors here shortly & adding them to the website.  So far there have been few, but I'm no fool, I expect there will be more.

Although my editors did a fine job on the material, errors happen in 900 pages worth of text.

Errors will be credited to whomever first discovers them & should a second edition ever happen, the errors will, of course, be corrected.

That's it for now,



Clockwork Angel Studios

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