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Thank you ever so much for all your support.

So. Break's over. Back to the Grind, but wait!!!

A new challenger?!


Okay, so my wedding is coming up in ohhhh... 6 days.  So, preparations for it have been commencing & here we are to the final wire.  I'll be continuing to focus on writing Ether RPG as best I can, but for the next couple of weeks... I have some business to take care of.

Lately the Blog hasn't seen a lot of love.  And to be honest, it's because I've been putting more work into the material than I have the website itself.  But... I really should be doing it in that order anyway right?  After all, the website is nothing without the material to support it.

In recent news, the document have gone through its first phase of editing.  I have a few chapters to completely rewrite & then it will go through editing phase two.  Two books are completely written, minus editing & revisions (which won't change any rules).  One book to go...

The Setting.

Things are progressing well & I expect to have the setting completely written sometime early next year.

I'll keep you posted.


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