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This month...

The ball, has dropped. 

The ball, has dropped. 

This is basically my month so far.

Between planning for GenCon, meeting with contractors & lawyers, family gatherings (for house warmings), planning for another (suddenly available) convention, working with my people, not to mention work...

Yeah, I'm way late on this month's newsletter.  But, given how things are turning out... That's actually okay!  Why?

Well, that's because I don't actually have a lot to report on to be honest.  What with the document being with the editor, anything is like to adjust... I can't.  I do have a compilation of notes mind you, but at the moment, my material is out of my hands.

I can say that my artist is working feverishly.  We're behind on the project in terms of art, but we're behind only in terms of a deadline for this year.  Since the books won't be printed anytime soon, I'm happy to know that I have far more time than my timetable suggests.  So don't fear!  Never urging will be done on time :) 

Anywho, I think I will put together a Newsletter for this month (and although it will be late, it will be coming) & get it out there sooner than later, maybe even with a sneak peek of something that I wasn't planning on sneaking o.0  Maybe.

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