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Hard or Soft?

Okay, so here's the deal.

Right now, the book is ONLY going to be available as a hardback (or .pdf).  However, I've had requests to make it available as a softback as well.

As you can see by the pictures, the hardback is to the left.  My printer does softbound books as coil bound.  There are advantages to coil bound over hardback (big advantages).  The binding doesn't ever give out.  Those plastic rings are TOUGH.  But of course, you don't have the lovely hardback that everyone seems to love.  Right now I do NOT have enough ISBN numbers to do hard & soft, but that doesn't mean I can't buy some more.  

Note that if I do multiple book types... The overall price for the books will (have) to go up :(

I just need to know if there's actually enough interest IN a softbound book for me to actually do so.  As such, here's a form!

Hardback Vs. Softback!

The form is scheduled for 30 days.  Go put in your vote.  I'm cannot guarantee that votes one way or the other will influence what I will do, but it would be really nice to see what people think.


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