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Ether Rpg™ Update Time!

First of all,

I do apologize for the lateness of this update.  I meant to post something sooner, but... real life has had me hostage for a while now.

Perhaps not the best, nor the worst, of reasons, but unfortunately... that's life.


I do have news.  And not just any news.  I have great news!

Now Loading... 99%

Ether Rpg: Core™ is currently being finalized by my graphic artist & we're about halfway through Ether Rpg: Setting™.  With any luck, that means I'll be able to do some real test prints in the next week & assuming everything falls into place, I can do the actual printing & finalization on the electronic format via my printer the following week.

Given that Ether Rpg: Setting™ and Ether Rpg: Bestiary™ should be much less intensive on my graphic artist compared to the original book, I'm speculating that I will be able to hit my deadline of January 1st, 2017 (note this is still tentative, but man... if I can hit it, it's going to be hit if I have anything to say about it).

International Shipping

Hey International Backers!  Remember how I said that if I can find a way to reduce shipping costs, I will?  Well, I meant it & I still do.  I'm still conversing with two groups who assure me they can find a way to reduce costs for me.  I don't yet know if we can make a deal, as I have to investigate the group & make certain that what I would be signing on for is the real deal.


If it is, that means that every international backer will be getting a sizable refund back (as promised).

Remember, however, this is not, yet, a for-sure thing.  I sure hope it is.  And I wanted to let you know it's in the works.  If I can make it happen, it's happening.  So here's hoping!



I've had a lot of questions regarding "what's next for Ether Rpg™."  And you know what?

I'm not really sure.

I'm planning on, hopefully, writing a few modules.  Some dungeons companions.  And maybe even a NPC codex.

What really happens next is very dependant on what happens when the books finally become available.  I'm already working with a few parties to spread the word of Ether Rpg™'s release, when the time comes.  So hopefully some advertisement channels will help out there.  And, of course, I've got a ton of things lined up for promotion when it's ready to go.

However, for now, I'm going back to the grindstone of emails, editing & billing.

Hope to have some more updates for everyone soon!  And hopefully an unboxing video of the book itself shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, here's a few new pieces of art for you to have a sneak peek of, courtesy of Anna Early (



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