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Ether Rpg™ Update, Take Two!

Ether Rpg Release Update

Today...  I have to bring you some bad news.

Now, don't fret, Ether Rpg™ is still coming, just not when I'd originally hoped that it would. Yes, this means that it will not be shipping prior to the end of 2016.  It is being delayed due to the process of editing the final product.

Un/Fortunately, I meant it when I said I would not be sending out Ether Rpg™ as an inferior product.  So until the editing process is completed, I will not ship the books, as that would be an insult to all of your who spent your money on my material.  As I said, you're getting my best effort, so... I'm giving my best effort.

As soon as I know what the date will be, you guys will be the first people to know.  I'm hoping it will be delayed out by a month or a few months, but not even I can imagine it will be delayed further than that.

Shipping Update

If anyone has moved since they've supported Ether Rpg™, please make certain you've updated your shipping information on Kickstarter.  Otherwise, I might end up shipping your items to someone who isn't you.  And that would be sad.

International backers, I may have a shipping solution, I may not.  Again, I'm investigating a few sources that claim to have a solution for me.  So far, it's still up in the air.  But, if all goes well, I will be contacting each one of you & offering, as promised, a shipping refund.  I certainly hope that's what happens, but I cannot say for certain if it will.


For now, however, that's what I have for you guys today.

In the meantime, here's a few new pieces of art for you to have a sneak peek of, courtesy of Anna Early (



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