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Teaser #1 - The Viridia

For today's teaser, we have the viridia's entry in the Ether Rpg: Core™!

Granted, this is a preliminary shot of the species, but you asked for some material from the books, so here I am, making good on the request.

Now, given that the material is still being worked on, I don't have full-screen images at this time for which to share. Therefore, the picture may be slightly blurry. For this, I apologize. Hopefully, this is not the case for you. If it is... Look below for the flavor text in full!

The Viridia

How does one describe a flower? Delicate? Heart stopping? Fragrant? Deadly… All of these things could therefore describe the viridia, a species birthed from the land itself. Viridia are as varied as is the wood, having a myriad of colors, textures & patterns across the many shades of their skin. Some look something like a mortal decorated in vines, dreadlocks falling with flowers. Others are shaped like a man-beast formed from a tree. Still others have exotic colors & patterns decorating their unfathomably striking features. One must remember, however, that nature often has a way of beautifully painting that which is the most deadly of all. Viridia are often tall creatures, but not enormously so, standing around six hands in height & weighing around one hundred & fifty stone. By their build alone most could easily pass as mortal, if not for looking like the walking wood.

Viridia are creatures of passion, as alive & vibrant as the world's trees & flowers. They disdain progress, industry, wanton destruction & unnatural order, instead embracing nature's ideas of chaos & survival of the fittest. Often thought of as hedonists, the viridia enjoy life as lovers enjoys each other: vigorously. It is rare to see a viridia unhappy, except of course those poor souls lost in the trappings of industrial cities. They flow on instinct, emotion & empathy, completely unlike many others who walk Ether's fields.

Many sages whisper that the viridia are the children of fabled world tree, Yggdrasil. Whether or not it is true, the viridia happily proclaim it to the world. Many learned scholars wonder whether their claims have any factual basis or if they simply come from an ingrained cultural belief. What is known is they rise up from the ground in a sacred place hidden away in the Borderlands, protected by warriors of their kind. As few viridia are seen outside their communities of their great forested city, the mere presence of a viridia in places distant from their forest homes often cause quite a stir. Viridia have little regard to the stuffy, aristocratic natures that govern mortal nobility & even less regard for that of the immortals.

Not unlike mortals, viridia respectively live short lives & often live their lives more fully than many of the seemingly ageless beings of the worlds. When viridia finally pass, which takes just over a hundred years, they seem to dissolve into the ground to be reclaimed by Ether & reborn amongst Yggdrasil's leaves.

As would be expected, theirs is a simple life by comparison to the hustle & bustle of the cities of Ether. Often choosing to specialize in simple pleasures as professions, many viridia possess an artisan's skill like no other. They make as excellent of a woodsman as they do a lyrist. Dancing is a common love amongst them & their dervishes are legendary across Ether. Their natural talent towards everything having to do with the wilderness gives them unparalleled advantages in the Wildlands & Borderlands of Ether. Most of all, the viridia's unique skill in speaking to the forest itself sets them apart as the ultimate masters of the land.

Viridia address one another differently than they allow others to address them. The name a viridia speaks only to their people is given to them by the woods itself upon their rise from the ground. Wynlaria vay Somali, Kalik vay Johem, Falsae vay Alhana, Gorhan vay Kainen, Erial vay Chisay & Mahdal vay Inhamis make fine examples of viridia names. The few scholars familiar with the viridia believe “vay” means “of the” & each of the viridia's names imply an aspect of nature they are part of. Most viridia choose a rough translation of their first name to use as their designation with other species. Often this translates into some reference to plant life such as Rose, Thorn, Lily, Leaf, Violet, Gnarl, et cetera. A non-viridia referring to a viridia by their actual name is either ignorantly suicidal or an extremely honored friend.

While the viridia are indeed as tough as the forest itself, they are quite well known for their agility as well. Yet many viridia are absolutely adored for their charismatic & intuitive natures. Unfortunately, they tend to overextend themselves easily, not often looking where they leap.

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