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Teaser # 2 - The Shadow Pack

Annnnnnnd, I have another teaser for you guys today.  Here, we have one of the creatures from Ether Rpg: Bestiary™!

Again, let me remind everyone, this is still prototype material, but overall, it should look something like this once the book is in print & ready to go!

Hopefully you enjoyed the viridia, here's hoping you enjoy the shadow pack!  Also, note that since the material is not final, this material is not as sharp as it will be on completion date.  So if there's a little distortion, sorry about that, hopefully all's well.  Look below for the flavor text in full!

The Shadow Pack

Shadow packs look far more domesticated than any of their wild cousins, something like a small lynx. Their black coats bear stripes of dull grays & their claws glint of yellow as bright as their sharp eyes. The shadow pack itself should be feared far less, however, than its shadow. Whether the shadows truly have their own mind or are under some measure of empathic control by the shadow pack itself is anyone's guess. Those surviving an attack by a shadow pack say the very woods around them seem to grow eyes as the duplicates begin to leap from the limbs in numbers dwarfing the fallen leaves of a fallow's day.

Shadow packs rarely come out of the woods or other mildly wooded areas. Their ability to hide amongst the canopies & send forth armies of shadows upon prey has taught them where their best territory lies. Far more sociable than many other big cats, the shadow pack rather enjoys others of its kind & is quick to defend them in times of attack. Shadow packs often seem mischievous with one another & spend a great deal of time with their young, even once they've left the nest. When a shadow pack hunts, who knows how many of them there actually are amongst the shadows attacking.

 Shadows packs, when not on the prowl, are perhaps one of the most relaxed, almost lazy, feline predators in the wood. They rely heavily on the deception their shadows afford them & prefer to let their shadows do the work. Overall, if not for the danger they pose as predators, shadows packs might be viewed as oversized house cats.

While shadow packs have some capacity to learn languages, they cannot speak any they understand.

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