Ether RPG™

A Clockwork Angel Studios™ production

Clockwork Angel Studios has closed its doors.

Thank you ever so much for all your support.

Seven Days, 75%!

Here we are everyone!

One week remaining & 25% left to go!  At this rate, we'll be able to hit our funding goal & Ether Rpg will one day soon be among the books in your gaming library.

Want to help out?

Tell your friends.  Spam your enemies.  Encourage strangers.

I've posted everywhere I can find that will allow me to publicize & perhaps even a few places it may or may not have been frowned upon... (don't hate me).

While my posts are great publicity... others' posts are far more meaningful.

So, get out there.  Help me spread the word!  And together, we can make something great :)



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