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Shipping! International Backers! Illinois Backers!

International Backers

I've had some feedback from several parties noting that the shipping cost internationally is quite high.

You're right! And I'm trying to locate some means of reducing that cost. Unfortunately, that means... for now... the price is what the price is (but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it (I'm not)).  

Of the numerous agencies I attempted to contact, some returned my requests & some did not. Most quoted me a price so astronomical that it's embarrassing to even list it (some were over $100.00 per book).

USPS offered me the prices as shown in the project & were, by far, the lowest of the prices I was able to secure.*

*(I did get some feedback from a few distributors who would have required that I partner with them, which I'm not really looking to do.)

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, it means that should I find someone to ship it for a better price, I will be offering a shipping refund to international backers for the difference between the prices. I cannot guarantee this is going to happen, but I sure hope it does.

Residents of Illinois

As you might have seen in the Kickstarter's shipping information, I live in Illinois. Therefore, I have to collect sales tax from you (ONLY for physical items).

My local municipality's sales tax rate is 7.35%.

So, if your shipping address is in Illinois, you need to include this in your pledge by modifying your pledge for the appropriate amount. And to make that easy for you, here are the amounts!

Tesla Punk, Spy Punk & Atom Punk ($45 physical item) - Add $3.31*

Tesla Punk (Enhanced), Cyber Punk, Post Cyber Punk, Bio Punk, Nano Punk & Myth Punk - ($95 physical items) - Add $6.99*

*(Due to the discounted sales of the Kickstarter, the prices you're paying & the prices the books will be released as publicly are not at all the same (i.e., enjoy your discount!))



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