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Clockwork Angel Studios has closed its doors.

Thank you ever so much for all your support.

So, what's next?

Okay everyone,

So, Ether Rpg is funded & the road ahead is looking pretty good.  It's now time for me to paint a picture for you of where we're at & what's coming soon.

First thing's first.

Future Updates

I don't plan on posting updates like very day or even every week.  I will post on update when I have something to update you on.  When a book's .pdf form is complete, when I have a physical draft in hard, when I need to collect information from you.... you get the idea.

So, if you don't hear from me for weeks at a time... Don't worry!  I'm still here!


I am still having a conversation with BackerKit & other fulfillment groups about using them as a fulfillment center for Ether Rpg.

Quite honestly, one of the key reasons I'm looking to use a fulfillment group is to reduce the costs associated with international shipping (as you saw in my Kickstarter I pointed out the shipping is ridiculous & I'm super-not-happy about it).  So, I am looking to find an order fulfillment group that isn't going to force my costs up to such a point that printing them is no longer viable.

That being said...  I am still speaking to them on this topic.  The moment this topic is sorted, I will either be sending out surveys via Kickstarter or via the fulfillment group.  I hope to do this sometime in the next week or so.  But that is entirely dependant on the fulfillment groups' response times.


Those of you who selected one of our "Create Your Own" options OR selected one of our "Help Design a Canon NPC" options, will need to sign a release form to do so (as I specifically mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign).

This form Clockwork Angel Studios requires you to fill out will be sent out manually by myself or by the fulfillment center I sign up with & is a copyright release & indemnity form.

When you receive this form, please read it, sign it & scan it back to me so I can keep it on file for future use.

There will be a set amount of time that backers must return their surveys to me for their material to be added to the book (so please do NOT miss that deadline once the surveys hit your inboxes).


Should everything go as I plan (we'll see how that works out), the art will completed in the August-September months, the graphic design will be completed in the October-November months, the printing will be completed in the November-December months & the shipping will be completed in the December-January months.

At present, I have nothing to add to the Ether Rpg books.  Every scrap of input I have, as the author, has been included.  The rules have been tested.  Loops have been closed.

While I wait for the aesthetic editing to be completed, I will be working on your survey information.


And that's pretty much that!

So, keep your eyes out for my updates & they will be related to milestones in the project.  And, definitely stay on the lookout for those forms.


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