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Clockwork Angel Studios has closed its doors.

Thank you ever so much for all your support.

Just a quick update from yours truly!

Counting Down... 10... 9... *Boom*

I have fantastic news for everyone!  My graphic artist tells me she's on the final parts she needs to complete before sending me the draft of the final book.  Our last back & forth with the middle book took about a week, so (crossing my fingers), I expect to (hopefully) be coordinating with my printer in the next week or two & prepping for a second test print run.

Should that work out as planned, I will immediately be going to printing & then shipping, which means...

By February, I should be sending out books!

I do apologize for the lateness of the project's completion, but I can happily say there's light at the end of the tunnel!  Hurrah!

Looking to Get In?

So!  If you've been waiting to get an order in or know someone who's been waiting, once I send the batch order to the printer for printing, that's it for the first run.  I will, of course, be order a small inventory, but it will be small.  

So if you want in on the first run of Ether RPG, make sure you get your orders in.  I will be posting a date as to when that will be happening!


As soon as I know more, I will be posting another update immediately for everyone!



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