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Thank you ever so much for all your support.

Five Minutes to Midnight!


Yes, yes.  All caps.  Must be important right?  Fortunately, yes, yes it is important!

The books are in final review & my printer is setting up their ISBN information.  According to them, that should be done doing that in the next couple of days.


It's go time.

I'll be hitting the big red button & converting the document into a professional PDF and I'll be hitting the second big red button & printing the first edition!

I don't see a reason why this will not be happening this week.


Hurrah!  The days is (almost) finally upon us!


Excellent question!

If all goes as planned, and nothing stops the pressing of the button, it should take about a week or so to receive the books.  So, the end of next week, I would presume?  Then I'll spend a weekend packaging & prepping for shipment.

And the following Monday (plus additional days as necessary), I'll be shipping them direct to all of you guys!

I assume delivery should be a few days to a few weeks depending on your distance from Illinois & whether or not you're an international backer.

One final reminder!!!

Please verify your physical address on Kickstarter!!!


I told you guys if I could find a way to cut the shipping costs, I would.  And if I could, I'd be offering you a refund.

Guess what?

I found a way!

I will be issuing you guys a refund on your shipping (to the best of my ability) shortly after delivery.  Each of your refunds will be different, depending on country, so I can't really give you an estimate on how much I'll be refunding.  But!  I believe many of you will be getting 50% back or more.

Please note that there are a few of you guys, due to location, that I simply cannot find a better price for.  But this situation is unusual & is not the norm.


If you have anything you'd like to know prior to shipping date, now's the time!  Ask away!  I'll answer as best I can.

Until next time!



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