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Delivery Date Approaches (Take 2)!


So, I was finally able to work out the problems with my printer. And although I'm not happy with the expense of the result, I'm happy with the results, in terms of the state of the books.


Due to the errors, I have to order another round of test prints to ensure that this time the books really are correct & there are no further errors on my printer's behalf.

Fortunately, the errors at this point have all been production errors, not actual printing errors. So overall, no harm done (sort of). Which is great!


I've had the final test prints rushed & I should get them in the next couple of days.

Assuming there are no (more) unforeseen problems, that means I can confirm the state of the books this weekend. Which then means I can put in the printing order. Which also means I can submit a second series of files for approval for electronic conversation.

And all of that means...

Two-three weeks to ship date? And around the same time for electronic copies?


I was hoping to not have to say that. It was my hope to have them in hand by THIS weekend for shipping, but... errors.

And I don't want to try to rush a turnaround, as I know that if I do, I'm setting myself up to be at Murphy's mercy (again).

Thanks for your patience everyone.

And thanks for your support,


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