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As promised. Printing update!

I'm both sorry and happy to say...

We're going to have to do a second round of test printing.

According to my focus group, the opinion is (almost unanimously) that the watermark is simply too dark in print & it muddies up the page enough that it's a distraction to those with good eyes & a difficult read for those with bad eyes.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Why?  Because that was the only notable complaint!  We didn't find any noticeable inconsistencies.  No real printing errors.  Everything else what as hoped for!

Which means...

It's coming!  This month.  As soon as the corrections are made, I'll be resubmitting the materials to my printer (which hopefully will be today or tomorrow), and as soon as they reconfirm the scripts, I'll be putting in one final test order & assuming it's printed & received sometime next week (which hopefully it will be)...

I'll be putting in the order for the whole lot in about two weeks or less.  I'll be making arrangements for a packing party & if all's well, the shipping date for the first run will be prior to 5/1.


Have you got yours yet?


Well...  if you want one of the first run, get your orders in soon!  Due to financial constraints on my part, I can only maintain a limited stock of books & if you want to guarantee delivery as soon as you order it, getting in on the first wave is your chance to do so.

Know someone who wants in, but hasn't yet?  No time like the present.

Until next time!


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