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Clockwork Angel Studios has closed its doors.

Thank you ever so much for all your support.

Shipping & More!


As you guys probably know, already, all the books that have been ordered up onto this point have been sent to my printer & are either being processed or have been shipped!  I'll be checking my PO in a few days to see if any addresses bounced.

International orders appear to be going out pieces at a time & I believe all the Canadian orders have been printed & shipped.  I will be contacting my printer in a few days to check to see when I should expect the remainder of the international orders should be sent out.


This is definitely happening, as promised, for people who overpaid on shipping during the Kickstarter.

I have to wait for all the orders to be received before I do this, however, as I have to make certain the costs are correct & covered!

But fear not!  If you're due a refund on shipping, you WILL get it :).


I've had a handful of submissions from my domestic customers regarding a few errors in the books.

I'll start compiling these errors here shortly & adding them to the website.  So far there have been few, but I'm no fool, I expect there will be more.

Although my editors did a fine job on the material, errors happen in 900 pages worth of text.

Errors will be credited to whomever first discovers them & should a second edition ever happen, the errors will, of course, be corrected.

That's it for now,



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