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Resources! Free Stuff!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeello everyone!

Just wanted to swing by & let you guys know that I've started updating then Resources pages of Ether Rpg & am working on more! 

There are a few items in the download section right now: character record sheets, treasure charts & a statistics equation document. 

Currently I'm working on playable races template sheets.  They take some time to build, but when they're all done, my plan is to have one document per species which will in turn have four templates per class.  That means once I'm done, I will have created 480 templates for you guys to use to your heart's content.  And they will be adjustable from levels 1-30.  At present, I'm almost done with mortal & I will be uploading each template as it's completed. 

You may have also noticed there's a new entry in Free Stuff!.  Well, as I have the occasional epiphany, I will be adding more & more content to that segment for your enjoyment.

Don't forgot!  I also take player submissions!  Got an idea?  Make something cool?  Submit it to me via the Contact form & I'll have a look :).

Finally, I've also started to add the Errata  & Corrections to the Errata segment.  These changes are canon & should be enforced, if you care to read them, but they're (presently) not massively sweeping as many are little more than grammatical corrections.

That's it for now!



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