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Thank you ever so much for all your support.

Current Events!

I've got three major items on my agenda:

First, International Backer Refunds.  They're coming.  I've sent word out to those due a refund for shipping expense.  As promised :).  I expect to remit the refund by the end of he month. 

Second, Templates.  I've got the Mortal template complete (it's an Excel file).  It's 4 pre-generated templates per Class (so, 40 templates).  Each template is set to Level 1, but drop-down menus allow you to adjust stats to reflect Levels up to 30.  And each also has a flowchart showing Edge progression from Level 1 to Level 30.  Once I have a few more done, I'll probably start uploading them to the site.  I may also create templates for monsters.  We shall see.

Third, Errata.  I haven't had a ton of "suggestions," per se.  But, I have had a few.  One of the most commented on items is the Edge "Nueral Interface."  I've received quite a lot of useful feedback suggesting it needs some work.  I took the feedback to the testing board & am presently working on what may become an errata.  If so, I will be providing a statement as to what the errata is & why it's being implemented.  I hope that this sort of sweeping change is few & far between.

More to come,


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