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Errata Update!

I've just posted what I consider to be my first "major" errata in the Errata section of the Resources page,

For those interested...

Neural Interface has been adjusted to the following language:

"The pilot may apply any damage mititagtion & critical hit chance reduction values their machine armor receives from Edges (such as Ace), craftsmanship & materials to their own values.  If the vehicle is the pilot's Hand Me Down, they may substitute their piloting skill for any armored or Unarmored skill roll, so long as the attack only deals damage.  In doing so, the attack causes half damage on a successful defense roll, which may be mitigated as normal." 

You might notice some of the material is the same, simply restructured & relegated to a different purpose within the text.  After a considerable number of emails with parties wishing to remain anonymous, it occurred to me that while I thought the edge in question had done a good job allowing the armor to "tank" for the pilot, it did not.  Fortunately, some talented parties offered some insight & suggestions that eventually became what you see above. 

The purpose of this change is to allow the pilot to have a bit more armor between them & their opponents when using machine armor, which is shooosed to be some semblance of a tank.  The former wording, after much debate & further testing, proved a let down, so I've corrected it to something far more useful.  I didn't feel as though the previous version did the edge justice & I feel the new version is far more suited to perform in the manner in which I'd like it to. 

Should any further errata of "large scale" occur, I will explain why in another blog post :). 

But for now, thanks for visiting!


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