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Errata Update!

Hello again, 

We're back with a brief errata update & explanation (as promised).

The mechanics of Provoke will be adjusted to include the following: 

  • It will no longer berserk the target.
  • It is used as a Full Action
  • It may only affect one target at once. 
  • It's upgrade lowers its use to a Primary action & the warrior can maintain it against multiple targets.

Now, you're asking, "Why?" 

Well.  I've received a number of suggestions, following rather harsh complaints about the over-abuse of this edge.  And after testing the scenarios presented, and running some scenarios of my own... I can't disagree with the opinions I've received. 

The edge is capable of creating a lockdown scenario, with relative ease, that I found in not comfortable with.  And the number of complaints I've gotten from people pointing this out, is ebough that I should absolutely recognize the possible "oversight."

We really didn't see a problem with this edge during play testing, but I can see why I'm being asked to take a second look.  And here we are.

I will be formerly making the errata post on the Resource page this evening.  

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