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Thank you ever so much for all your support.

Where did the time go?

Wow, has it been a while since I posted and update. 

I am a terrible person. 

Well, better late than never I suppose?


I don’t have an exact one per se.  But, I am making progress on my goal for 2018. 

And that goal, as promised, is a major update to Ether RPG, in the form of a Second Edition. 

I’ve gone through the Core several times now and made corrections to grammar, spelling, and syntax, as well as updates to rules and mechanics.

So far, I believe I’m up to review number three.  And I will continue to review the Core and it’s supplements until ever error has been rooted out & every message sent to me from you guys has been reviewed.

My goal is to put Ether RPG in the best state it’s ever been and make it immediately available, by the end of 2018. 

Documenting Changes

I’ve been asked by a few parties if I plan on documenting the changes such that anyone who doesn’t wish to obtain new, physical copies can have rules updates and errata.

The short answer?  Yes. 

I am keeping track of the changes I’m making and I will be releasing a “Rules Errata” document for exactly this purpose.

Note, however, that this document will only hold rules changes, not corrections to grammar, syntax, and spelling. 

This document will be made available, for free, on the Ether RPG website. 

First Edition Buyers

As I’ve said, and will continue to say, 

Anyone who’s bought the electronic first edition of Ether RPG will receive updates PDFs at no expense.

I will never charge for updates to the electronic copy of Ether RPG.  Buy it once; buy it for life. 

Unfortunately, as I’ve also said, I cannot do the same for physical copies.  However, I believe that I will be able to offer a one-time % discount on the price of the books (excluding other fees and expenses) that you purchased.  I cannot guarantee what % this discount will be as of yet, but I am hoping I will be able to offer it at 50%.

This means that whatever physical books you purchased in First Edition, you will get some manner of a discount if you choose to buy the Second Edition.

Down the Pipe

So, what else is coming in the future for Ether RPG? 

Well.  You’ve seen some of the Free Material I’ve been posting to the New Things! section of the website.

I’m compiling lists of new material to be added to the various segments of Ether’s genres. 

Want new alchemical recipes? 

How about new firearms? 

And new tech gears & vehicles? 

Hope so.  Because as soon as I’m done with the major corrections to the three main books, that’s going to be my main project for the foreseeable future. 

And who knows where that might lead?  New monsters.  New species.  New classes. 

Stay Tuned!



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