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Another One Down

June Update!

Two for two?

My hope to complete the Core Book by the close of 2018 is proceeding on schedule.  Yet it seems like there’s always something new to fix.  You know what they say right?  When you fix something, you often break something else.

I’m confident I’ll get everything done.  It’s just a matter of when :). 

I’ve started taking glances at the Setting. And I’m happy to say, again, that the changes are minimal.  Updating then Setting to match the Core & check for errors should be less than a month’s work in total.  Here’s to hope! 

More Teasers

So what else is coming down the pipe, you ask?

Well.  I’ve reworked a number of edges for each of the species and classes making them more useful & satisfying to use.  

Aura of the Elements & Arsenal of the Planes example, have become more effective as a whole.  Aura deals rollover damage.  Arsenal generates the effects of the elemental weapon relic.

A great many edges are being compressed to prevent players from having to take the same edge more than, typically, two times to obtain its full benefits.  

Edges like Heavy Handed & Toughened now require only being selected twice, rather than thrice.

More New Material

As far as brand new material,

One sort of totally new thing I’d like to briefly discuss is Modular Weapons.  These firearms and machine weapons will allow their user to adjust how they work, on the fly, in order to make use of them quickly (and/or with only one hand) or make them far more dangerous (but require possibly both hands & considerably more activation time).

Ill be treating more details as time goes on.  So keep an eye out :). 

Until Next Time

Thanks for being patient everyone.  I hope I can get Ether up and running in its entirety as soon as possible, but, again, I won’t sacrifice quality for speed.

The Second Edition of Ether is what I plan on using for the foreseeable future. 

And I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am :). 



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