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Second Edition?

Allow me to begin by saying,

It was never my intention to create a Second Edition.


I have received many updates from various parties who’ve selflessly... dedicated may be too strong of a word... recorded mistakes large and small, and submitted them to me for review. 

The list is no greater than the errata & corrections of any other game system (and those of you’ve seen the errata documents of DnD 3.5 and Pathfinder, for example, know such lists can be extremely extensive).  

That being said, 

I’ve completed my first wrap of corrections on all three books. 


I will continue to do wraps of all three until I find no further mistakes & I have received no further updates from those who’ve done me the favor (thank you, by the way) of looking for these mistakes with their free time. 

Now, what does that mean for those who’ve already bought Ether Rpg? 


Those of you with electronic copies will receive free updates, of course.   I have no intention of billing people twice for the same material.

Those of you with physical copies... I’m afraid the best I can do is offer a discount.  And in this case, the discount will be large enough such that I’ll cover my costs.  I.e., my profit from the sale will be as close to $0.00 as I can manage.  This may mean a 25%, 33%, 50%, or 66% discount (on Second Edition books IF you already own First Edition books).  I can’t say what the discount will be as I simply don’t know at this time.  But there WILL be a discount.

Some have asked me WHY I would off such a discount.  Well, because I want to, plain and simple.  I don’t have to.  But I want to.  And to the best of my ability, I’m going to. 


Thats a good question.  And to be frank, I’m not sure.  It really depends on how quickly & accurately I can proofread 1000 pages. 

I certainly hope to be done first quarter, 2018.  But given my expectations in hindsight, second quarter 2018 seems more likely.

For now, 

Please stay tuned for more updates.  And keep your eyes out for our free updates & materials on our Resources & New Stuff pages.



Errata Update!

Hello again, 

We're back with a brief errata update & explanation (as promised).

The mechanics of Provoke will be adjusted to include the following: 

  • It will no longer berserk the target.
  • It is used as a Full Action
  • It may only affect one target at once. 
  • It's upgrade lowers its use to a Primary action & the warrior can maintain it against multiple targets.

Now, you're asking, "Why?" 

Well.  I've received a number of suggestions, following rather harsh complaints about the over-abuse of this edge.  And after testing the scenarios presented, and running some scenarios of my own... I can't disagree with the opinions I've received. 

The edge is capable of creating a lockdown scenario, with relative ease, that I found in not comfortable with.  And the number of complaints I've gotten from people pointing this out, is ebough that I should absolutely recognize the possible "oversight."

We really didn't see a problem with this edge during play testing, but I can see why I'm being asked to take a second look.  And here we are.

I will be formerly making the errata post on the Resource page this evening.  

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