Ether RPG™

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In a world broken by sorcery & liberated by machinery, you must struggle to survive after the fall.

But... whose side are you on?

Ether Rpg: Bestiary™ - DIGITAL

Bestiary Cover.jpg
Bestiary Cover.jpg

Ether Rpg: Bestiary™ - DIGITAL


This is the DIGITAL copy of Ether Rpg: Bestiary™.

Beware, for here, do monsters tread!

The Ether Rpg: Bestiary™ contains everything you'll need to incorporate the dangers of the wilds & the horrors of the planes within your campaigns in the Omniverse of Ether Rpg.

This book contains over a hundred monstrous entries & dozens of special power that govern the monsters within!  Need to modify your beasts!  No problem, there's also handy templates & rules on how to create, evolve & devolve the monsters to suit your needs!

16 Chapters, 322 Pages worth of monsters for your perusal.

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