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Ether Rpg: Setting™ - DIGITAL

Setting Cover.jpg
Setting Cover.jpg

Ether Rpg: Setting™ - DIGITAL


This it the DIGITAL copy of Ether Rpg: Setting™.

Ether Rpg: Setting™ is entirely dedicated to all the questions that one might ask concerning a fantasy or sci-fi gaming world.

Every what, where, who, when & why is addressed in this book, ranging from basic information about the worlds' seasons to in-depth looks at each of the species & their origins.

Want to know more about the Omniverse?  It's people?  It's places?  This book covers everything you need to know & leaves enough material open such that both players & GMs can facilitate their own designs into the worlds of Ether Rpg™.

33 Chapters, 158 Pages worth of background information for your perusal.

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