Ether RPG™

A Clockwork Angel Studios™ production

In a world broken by sorcery & liberated by machinery, you must struggle to survive after the fall.

But... whose side are you on?

This section is reserved for free material offered by Clockwork Angel Studios™ for use by everyone to enhance your experience when playing Ether Rpg™.


Character Record Sheet
NPC Record Sheet
Vehicle Record Sheet


Random Loot Charts
Simple Derived Statistics Calculator

PC & NPC Templates!

Anima - Coming Soon!

Changelings - Coming Soon!

Chimera - Coming Soon!

Immortal - Coming Soon!

Machina - Coming Soon!

Mortals - Coming Soon!

Planars - Coming Soon!

Voidbound - Coming Soon!

Viridia - Coming Soon!


Ashiri - Coming Soon!

Ferrymen - Coming Soon!

Monstrous Templates!

Coming Soon!

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