Ether RPG™

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Introducing, Ether Rpg™

Ether Rpg™ is the brainchild of Clockwork Angel Studios™ & is an attempt to combine the best features of the steam, diesel & cyber punk genres with the magical setting of high fantasy by wrapping them into a dystopic & post-apocalyptic series of worlds.

Ether Rpg™ boasts: a relatively non-linear leveling & progression system, non-standard fantasy races, unique classes & character options as well as dozens of ways to arm your character for battle outside the norm of a fantasy setting such as cybernetics, alchemy & explosives!


Ether Rpg™ uses a d20 (a polyhedral dice) as its core means of randomly determining success or failure during game play.  It does not, however, make use of the d20 System rules [released under the System Reference Document (SRD) under the Open Gaming Licence (OGL) as Open Game Content (OGC)] developed & licensed by Wizards of the Coast ®.

Regardless of how different a dice system it may be, anyone who's ever played a gaming system which uses a d20 as its core die will feel right at home with the system used by Ether Rpg™.  Even players who have not will have no trouble following its simplistic design.

Players roll their die against a set difficulty or against an opponent's d20 roll.  The player (and his or her opposition) add bonuses & subtract penalties assigned by various abilities, skills & standard or circumstantial modifiers set by the Game Master (GM).  The highest roller emerges victorious!

Damage dies in Ether Rpg™ tend to be highly variable & rarely rely on a static modifier behind the roll.  Instead, character gains bonus damage die types which increase the die they roll to a higher die or a greater number of dice.

Non-Linear Choices

Conflicts can be broken down into very simple, fast-paced action.  Or they can be heavily modified into dangerous, tactical challenges.  The GM has the capacity to tailor many of the challenges within Ether Rpg™ to his or her liking.

Players also have the capacity to customize Ether Rpg™ to their liking & not only in terms of progression, but also in terms of their equipment, minions & even the ability to add their own ideas to the finished product that will be Ether Rpg™ via Kickstarter.

Character Options

Characters within Ether Rpg™ rely upon two core concepts: skills & edges.

Virtually every d20 roll in the system originates from a challenge of skill.  Want to pick a lock?  Need to fast-talk out of a fight?  Someone needs medical attention?  Each one of these situations demands a skill roll.  Skills are the lifeblood of Ether Rpg™ & have the run of every aspect of the game, including combat!

Edges bring the flavor, the uniqueness & are the true means of customizing a character in Ether Rpg™.  They modify skill rolls, gift characters with fantastic abilities, bolster combat statistics & literally shape the character into whatever the player desires.

Players may choose from tons of different skills from within the areas of: combat, utility & lore.  They may choose from hundreds of different edges including wide selections of edges unique to the various races & classes of Ether Rpg™.

Races & Classes

Speaking of race & classes, feel free to check out our Races & Classes pages for more details as well as sketches of the various playable beings within Ether Rpg™.

More Character Options

Players may also choose various traits to define their character's past, present & future via archetypes, trades & stigmas.

A character's archetype literally defines their purpose, their goals & everything which drives them to do whatever it is that they do.  By living up to their character's archetype, players receive bonuses on their rolls throughout game play.

As one might expect, a character's trade is their profession.  A character's profession gives him or her additional skills & edges appropriate to the duties of their job.

As for stigmas...  Not everyone has it easy & almost everyone has a flaw they simply cannot shake.  These weaknesses give depth & vulnerabilities to a character, but they also reward him or her with additional edges to choose from.

But wait!  There's more!

Gear & Abilities

To further customize their experience, players of Ether Rpg™ can expect the ability to modify equipment with various technological advancements, reforge gear with fantastic materials, bind items with powerful enchantments, combine various marvels of machinery together & brew alchemical amalgamations like never before!

The three primary schools of study within Ether Rpg™ include: alchemy, sorcery & technology.

While these three schools cannot generally be mixed, characters may dabble in each one separately & master the secrets hidden beyond the reach of the common man.

Alchemy, the oldest of the three practices, can delve into not only poisons & potions but also weapon & armor greases, bombs & even mutagenic concoctions!

Deadly...  Beautiful...  Alchemy has long since become such a work of art in the world of Ether Rpg™ that just about everyone has at least a little skill in its roots of herbalism.  Alchemy can heal wounds yet it can also sicken assailants.  The origins of explosive weaponry come from alchemy as do the terrible mutagens commonly found amid the darkest corners the ancient cities.

Sorcery draws power from the infinite limits of the Omniverse itself & constantly pits the elements of earth, fire, water, wind & spirit, in a heated, head-to-head battle for total supremacy.

Earth endures.  Fire burns.  Water heals.  Wind sees.  Spirit knows.  Each of the five elements has their own specific direction as well advantages & disadvantages.  Few spells overlap between the elements, giving the sorcerers of Ether Rpg™ a very different feeling depending upon the element they've chosen to wield.  But be warned!  Sorcery leaves its mark upon its weaver & those not careful enough succumb to their own misuse of power or summon forth beings not wholly happy to be bothered.

Technology, the modern marvel, is fueled by the wonder that is crystalline energy.  Great lumbering constructs, artistic airships, unstable ray guns & even mechanized limbs are within your grasp.

Not everyone has a talent with machinery, but those who take the plunge have open access to nearly limitless power thanks to the wonderful energies within the enigma that is the etherian crystal.  Not only can these machines, large & small, run on this energy, they can also fire it forth in beams of blazing power.  Technology, however, is a fickle mistress & her children require regular maintenance to function.

Players can choose & customize dozens upon dozens of alchemical formulas, spells & technological marvels.  These schools give the players near limitless & unique choices on how they wish to guide their characters through the age of wonder.

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