Ether RPG™

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In a world broken by sorcery & liberated by machinery, you must struggle to survive after the fall.

But... whose side are you on?

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Spider's Boots

Type: Boots
Crystal: 2 Planar Gems
Crafting Difficulty: 120
Weight: 2 stone
Size: Tiny
Cost: 2,000 cr

It is said that anyone donning these spidersilk-spun boots need never worry about having a place to run too, so long as there's some form of physical pathway between them & their destination.

The bearer may walk upon any surface (with respect to gravity) as though they were weightless, but the surface must have some measurable amount of surface tension (thus water can be run across, but air cannot).  If they attempt to run across a harmful surface (such as an acid pool), they will suffer damage & effects as normal.

Thief's Domino

Type: Glasses & Masks
Crystal: 1 Planar Gem
Crafting Difficulty: 100
Weight: 1 stone
Size: Tiny
Cost: 1,000 cr

Burglars rarely worry about being unable to pop a lock or evade a trap, rather they seem to always be concerned about being caught in the act or otherwise being seen when in the middle of a job.

While wearing this rather striking domino, the bearer's features seem to simply slip from the minds of those they encounter, no matter how overt their actions may be.  In order for the domino to work its magic, the bearer must have completely left the presence of the beings they wish to be forgotten by for at least an hour.  At the end of the hour, the targets may roll Grit (Per) against a roll of the bearer's Resolve (Prs).  Should the targets succeed, they continue to remember the bearer.  Should the bearer succeed, the specifics of their appearance forever slips from the targets' minds.

Bull's Ring

Type: Misc. Jewelry
Crystal: 1 Planar Gem
Crafting Difficulty: 100
Weight: Negligible
Size: Minute
Cost: 1,000 cr

While this rather large piercing has been known to be forged in various shapes, obviously rings, in order to appear somewhat less conspicuous, patrons often request it be fashioned into a ball instead.

While the bearer's nose is adorned with this item, they gain the Scent edge.  If the bearer already possesses this edge, they gain the Expanded Senses edge.  Both edges are described in Chapter 3 of Ether Rpg: Bestiary™.

Collar of the Wolf

Type: Necklace
Crystal: 5 Planar Gems
Crafting Difficulty: 180
Weight: Negligible
Size: Minute
Cost: 5,000 cr

Few proper Etherians would ever willingly choose to wear this supposed "dog collar" in public, regardless of its shapeshifting capabilities.  But for those interested, the collar almost always comes in steel & black leather.

So long as the bearer is wearing this collar, they may transmute themselves into a fully-grown worg (as described in Chapter 4 of Ether Rpg: Bestiary™).  This transmutation, whether to or from the worg, follows the same rules per the Metamorphosis spell (of Chapter 13) & requires a minute to complete.  Maintaining this form requires neither control nor focus & the bearer may remain as a worg for as long as they wish.

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