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This sections is reserved for recommended methods of play by Clockwork Angel Studios™.  

Recommendations from the Creator

So, you might notice that Ether Rpg™ has some variants in the back of the book.  You might also notice that it has some variances in character creation as well.  If you're interested in knowing what are our favorite variants & choices, look no further!

Character Creation Choices

During character creation, there are three decisions to be made by the GM concerning characters' starting:  Edges, Statistics & Vitality.

  • Edges - We recommend starting characters with 11 Edges
  • Statistics - We recommend starting characters either the point bank of 25 or the die roll of 2d4+2 (no drops, no rerolls)
  • Vitality - We recommend characters receive maximum vitality from one die & must roll the second die

Our Favorite Variants

  • Condition Losses (Simplified) - This variant is highly recommended if you & your table would prefer less equipment condition micro-management
  • Criticals (Rollover) - This variant allows critical hits to be rerolled (at a lower value), which increases the damage, until the die are no longer successful

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