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The Nephilim

Long ago, the worlds of Ether Rpg™, the various planes within the Omniverse, were once one.  In these ages before time was time, ancient beings ruled this singularity with wisdom & infinite patience, but also with arrogance & an unsatiated desire for power.  

One day these beings, the nephilim, began to wage war with one another & brought about the end of their existence... and the creation of ours.  It was as a result of their conflict that the Omniverse was born at all.  The myths of the nephilim are all but lost to time, only a rare few have even ever heard the term whispered in the shadows of the Omniverse's darkest corners.

Birth of the Omniverse

Each plane took on a life of its own as the Omniverse rose from the ashes of the nephilim.  If the Omniverse demanded anything, it was balance such that its heavens could never be threatened again.

The outer rings broke into lands of dark flames & righteous light.  And again into worlds of dreams & nightmares.  

The inner rings were shattered by the will of earth, fire, water & wind.  And again by life & death.

The Planar Wars

These realms were born unto the Omniverse with no master to rein them & with no rules to guide them. Sages refer to these millennia as the Planar Wars.  Some say it was the rise of man, woman & beast which drove the planes to their madness.  Others say the planes themselves fought one another, nearly to the death, for total supremacy over the whole of the Omniverse.  But the memories of these times have long since passed, no one is believed to know the truth.

As timeless & infinite as the Planar Wars may have been, in the end the ravaged planes retreated from the conflict as the realm which would one day be called the Void died before the eyes of the Omniverse. Balance had been broken & any further imbalance could have collapsed it all, like a house of cards. 

Rise of Portals

Once the Omniverse finally settled into place, the planes began to drift apart & only but rarely touched via sealed pathways.  These ancient conduits were the last vestiges of the threads that had once bound the Omniverse together. While the worlds slowly slipped away from one another, civilization began to rise from where nothingness once was.

To this day, no one knows how the first beings to walk the lands of Ether even came to be.  Were they remnants of the fallen lords of the nephilim?  Did they rise from the worlds of their own free will?  Or did something bring life to their flesh?  Regardless of the whatever the truth might be, life began to slowly fill the planes.

Exploring the Beyond

Ages passed & the Omniverse filled itself with all manner of fantastic creatures.  Yet as they all remained separate from one another, a tension grew.  Curiosity was too much for the youthful races new to the Omniverse & they began to test their limits. Exploration & experimentation became ever more important.

New creatures began to walk the lands of Ether & methods of traversing between worlds became known to a great many. Stars fell from the sky, sorcery slowly became more than myth & eventually one world was no longer enough to sate the hands of the Omniverse's children.

The War of the Magi

Seals binding the power of the elemental magic were wrongly shattered & sorcery flooded the Omniverse with its power. No one could have prepared the worlds for what was to follow.  Dark forces found their way back into the world & through them, they began to manipulate the destiny once more. The nephilim would return...  The War of the Magi had begun!

But before all could be lost, heroes rose up to challenge the might of magic & those maddened by its power.  In their lust for the might of magical conquest, they could not see what their vanity had wrought. Tricked by nameless horrors, the sorcerers were on the verge of remaking the nephilim's realm & collapsing the Omniverse back into a singularity.  As all hope was lost, a fleeting light rose from the ruins of the worlds.  Wielding machinery from Ether's modern age, they stopped the coming storm & the cataclysm that almost was... never came to be.

Picking up the Pieces

Victory, however, is never without cost.  Terrible, unpredictable scars & rifts tore their way between planes. Dangerous beasts from every end of the Omniverse found their way into the lands of Ether & infested the etherian wilds.  Long-silent dungeons became alive with activity.  Travel quickly became impossible without the aid of rail cars, airships & teleportation sorcery.

Planeswalkers discovered the planar pathways surrounding Ether had been corrupted.  The shattered seals over magic tore open a wound that was never meant to bleed & from this wound came the living dead.  Never before had the spiritual energies of death failed to find its way to the Great Causeway, but now something had become misaligned. Ether's ruined cities became the only locations of safety left in the world.

Where to go from Here

As the wounds from the endless cycle of war slowly heal once more, cities begin to rise towards the skies as the buildings of Ether grow taller.  Machinery has become even more prevalent & magic has even found its way back into a tentative acceptance.  Portals have slowly moved towards stabilization & the survivors have begun pushing the planar monstrosities back where they came from.  But where will the Omniverse go from here?

It's up to you to decide...

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