Ether RPG™

A Clockwork Angel Studios™ production

In a world broken by sorcery & liberated by machinery, you must struggle to survive after the fall.

But... whose side are you on?

Ether RPG Core ™ - PHYSICAL

Back Cover.jpg
Back Cover.jpg

Ether RPG Core ™ - PHYSICAL


This is the physical (hardback) copy of Ether Rpg: Core™.

Here it is!  Ether Rpg: Core™, the only rulebook you must have to play Ether Rpg™.

This book contains every last rule & variant available, as well as every character class, every character species, every last special ability, all the spells & more equipment than you can shake a stick at!

And, of course, basic information concerning the worlds of Ether Rpg™, its people & its  places.  Everything you need to get a sense of what its worlds are like!

23 Chapters, 396 Pages worth of rules & material for your perusal.

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