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The Reapers (Lesser Faction)

With the advent of more advanced technology, the machinists of Ether eventually devised means of repairing & augmenting flesh, a process commonly known in modern-day Ether as mechanization.  This process gave thousands, if not tens of thousands, new hope as injuries which could not be healed could suddenly be cut free & replaced with strong, tireless machinery.  However, not everyone could afford the expense of mechanizations, regardless of whether or not they needed it & thus, came the rise of the moneylender.  And moneylenders are not too keen on their debtors falling behind when it comes time to collect.  So, what happens when a debtor falls too far behind?  The get a visit from the Reaper, not in the literal sense mind you, but to the people past due... they might as well be the same thing.  These cutthroats are chirurgeons licensed by kingdoms to repossess mechanizations whose owners are no longer able to pay on their debts. These repossessing agents earned the name, Reapers, by the populace since during the course of their... parts collections... debtors do not survive the procedure of removing steel from bone.  And unfortunately for the masses of Ether, the duties of the Reapers, murder or no, are often deemed legal by many authorities, although some of them begrudgingly.  Once a mechanization recipient starts falling behind in their payments to their moneylender, it's often only a matter of time until one of the Reapers comes to collect.

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